Monday, February 6, 2012

Sonni - Du bist nit alloa


Here’s my latest release.
It’s again a song in the Austrian dialect, which I call „Austro-Dialect“. So, it’s a beautiful ballade, composed by Köck/Hubmann/Encanto and arranged by René Reitz, my producer. When I wrote those lyrics I really thought of helping people who are feeling a bit lost and alone. The words in the chorus say something like “You are not alone, because I’ll always be there to help you and guide you and one day you’ll realize that I’m with you and that you’re not alone”. Though I really like the meaning of my words (of course I do), I’m absolutely fascinated by the extraordinary arranged instruments that play such an important part in this song. To me it’s one of the most breathtaking and magnificent songs I’ve ever done. I’ve listened to it about a thousand times, but I’m never bored with it. I simply love the warm and gentle feeling of this song and I believe that my voice fits the song perfectly. (A little self-praise is okay, don’t you think so?) J Just listen and enjoy!

Du bist nit alloa / Du bist nicht allein

Du bist nit alloa / Tu n'es pas seul

Du bist nit alloa / Tú no estás solo

Du bist nit alloa / You are not alone

Du bist nit alloa / Tы не одинок